Wednesday, 13 November 2019
New York
Tuesday, 12 November 2019 23:20 WIB

France, Germany, Britain and the European Union say they are "extremely concerned" about Iran's renewed uranium enrichment activities and what they call "regrettable acceleration of Iran's disengagement" from commitments it made under the 2015 agreement regarding the country's nuclear program. In a joint statement released Monday, the foreign ministers urged Iran to reverse all of the measures it has taken that go against those imposed in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which limited Iran's nuclear activity in exchange for sanctions relief. Iran has restarted enrichment at its...

Trump Cloaked Baghdadi Raid in Secrecy for Fear of Leaks
Monday, 28 October 2019 16:24 WIB | Global

President Donald Trump said Sunday he cloaked the raid to kill Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in secrecy, telling only his closest advisers, two Republican lawmakers and no opposition Democrats in advance, for fear of leaks about the operation. Trump told reporters at the White House that Russia was given a heads-up that a mission was underway but not the details. The U.S. leader said he informed Senator Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and a key political ally in Congress, Senator Lindsey Graham, but no others. He did not inform such key Democrats as...

Wildfires Cause 180,000 California Residents to Evacuate Their Homes
Monday, 28 October 2019 11:05 WIB | Global Amerika

Authorities in Northern California have directed 180,000 residents to evacuate as a wildfire continues to threaten the area Sunday. Sonoma County has previously estimated 90,000 residents were being told to leave their homes as a result of the Kincaid fire. Millions of California residents, meanwhile, are facing power outages as the utility company Pacific Gas & Electric decided Saturday afternoon to begin mass power shut-offs to a large number of customers. The shut-offs will affect nearly 1 million customers, affecting nearly 3 million people, and include San Francisco, California's...

EU Envoys Agree That Brexit Extension is Needed, No Date Set
Friday, 25 October 2019 23:37 WIB | Global

European Union ambassadors agreed Friday that the bloc should grant Britain's request for another extension to the Brexit deadline but they have not yet figured out how long that delay should be. Speaking Friday in Brussels after EU ambassadors met with the EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, European Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva said ambassadors from the EU's 27 other nations accepted the terms of an extension and their œwork will continue in the coming days. Two European diplomats said the ambassadors would meet again early next week. Andreeva hinted that the EU would...

Russia Sends S-400 Missile Defense Systems to Serbia for Military Drill
Friday, 25 October 2019 17:15 WIB | Global

Russia said on Thursday a division of its S-400 missile defense system would take part in a military drill in Serbia, underlining Moscow's wish to keep a traditional ally on side even as Belgrade pursues links with NATO and the European Union. It will be the first time that the sophisticated S-400s, together with a Pantsir missile battery, will be participating in military exercises abroad, Moscow's Defense Ministry said in a statement. For its part, Serbia's Defense Ministry said the exercises ” dubbed Slavic Shield 2019, aimed to simulate the "use of a joint (combat) group ... in...

US Defense Secretary: Turkey Put US in 'Very Terrible Situation'
Friday, 25 October 2019 10:43 WIB | Global

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper says Turkey's offensive against Kurds in northeastern Syria  was "unwarranted" and Ankara is "heading in the wrong direction" after its agreement with Russia to jointly patrol a "safe zone" in the region. "Turkey put us in a very terrible situation," Esper said at the German Marshall Fund ahead of a NATO meeting in Brussels on Thursday. Turkish forces swept into northern Syria last week following a U.S. decision to withdraw forces from the area.  The United States helped broker a cease-fire in the Turkish offensive. President Donald Trump on...

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Amerika Terbitkan Daftar Politisi dan Oligarki Rusia Tapi Tidak Ada Sanksi Baru
Wednesday, 31 January 2018 01:01 WIB

Departemen Keuangan Amerika telah mengeluarkan daftar politisi dan tokoh bisnis Rusia yang dekat dengan pemerintahan Presiden Vladimir Putin, berikut hubungan mereka dengan para pemimpin puncak...

Kerusuhan Merebak di India Jelang Penayangan Film Kontroversial
Thursday, 25 January 2018 11:25 WIB

Kerusuhan merebak di berbagai Kota India, sehari menjelang penayangan perdana film kontroversial yang menceritakan legenda seorang Ratu Hindu. Para pengunjuk rasa yang marah membakar mobil dan...

Deputi Direktur FBI Mundur dari Jabatan
Tuesday, 30 January 2018 11:27 WIB

Andrew McCabe, pejabat FBI No. 2 yang secara umum dikritik Presiden Donald Trump atas dugaan bias politik, mundur dari biro tersebut hari Senin waktu AS, beberapa minggu sebelum masa pensiunnya,...