Monday, 22 January 2018
New York
Saturday, 20 January 2018 04:29 WIB

Apple is planning to build another corporate campus and hire 20,000 workers during the next five years as part of a $350 billion commitment to the U.S. economy. The pledge announced Wednesday is an offshoot from the sweeping overhaul of the U.S. tax code championed by President Donald Trump and approved by Congress last month. Besides dramatically lowering the standard corporate tax rate, the reforms offer a one-time break on cash being held overseas. Apple plans to take advantage of that provision to bring back more than $250 billion in offshore cash, generating a tax bill of roughly $38...

Despite Two-Child Families, China Birthrate Falls
Friday, 19 January 2018 20:11 WIB | Global china

The birthrate in China fell last year despite the country easing its family planning policies and allowing all couples to have two children, a result parents say of the stresses of urban life. According to figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics, there were 17.2 million births in China last year, down from 17.9 million in 2016. China changed its longstanding one-child policy in 2015 in hopes of increasing the size of the younger working population that will eventually have to support their elders. The number of births rose nearly 8 percent in 2016, with nearly half of the...

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Now World's Richest Man
Friday, 19 January 2018 10:33 WIB | Global CEO Jeff Bezos is now the richest person of all time, with a fortune of $105.1 billion, according to financial news outlet Bloomberg. With the stock market soaring to new heights in the first few days of 2018, Bezos' fortune rocketed upward, growing $6.1 billion in just five trading days. That happened because most of Bezos' wealth is contained in shares of, the online retail giant. Shares of Amazon rose 56 percent in 2017 and more than 6 percent since the start of this year. Financial news trackers differ on whether Bezos is the richest man in history, or if his...

52 People Die in Bus Fire in Kazakhstan
Friday, 19 January 2018 04:14 WIB | Kebakaran

A bus fire in northwestern Kazakhstan killed 52 Uzbek citizens on a route used by migrant workers heading to Russia, the Kazakh Interior Ministry said Thursday. The bus was traveling along a road in the remote Aktau region that links the Russian city of Samara to Shymkent, a city in southern Kazakhstan close to the Uzbek border. It was unclear in which direction the bus, a Hungarian-made Ikarus, had been traveling, but the route is widely used to transport Uzbek workers to and from Russia where they often take work on building sites. Five people managed to escape the burning vehicle, the...

Italy: 1,400 Migrants Rescued at Sea
Thursday, 18 January 2018 09:17 WIB | Global

About 1,400 migrants were rescued from overcrowded boats Tuesday off the coast of Libya, according to the Italian coast guard. Two bodies were also recovered from the boats. No details about their nationalities were immediately available. Though hundreds of thousands of migrants have traveled across the Mediterranean to Italy over the past four years, it is unusual to see such a large number of people rescued at one time ” especially during winter months when the seas are generally more rough. Thus far in 2018, 974 migrants have reached Italy by sea ” less than half the figure during...

Seven Dead after Demonstration in Myanmar's Rakhine State
Thursday, 18 January 2018 04:28 WIB |

Seven people have been shot dead by police in Myanmar's troubled Rakhine state. Officials say at least 4,000 people surrounded a government building late Tuesday in the town of Mrauk U, shortly after an annual ceremony marking the end of the Arakan kingdom more than two centuries ago. Tin Maung Swe, the regional governor, says police attempted to get the crowd to disperse by firing warning shots using rubber bullets. When they refused to comply, the crowd began attacking soldiers and the security forces opened fire again using real ammunition. In addition to the seven dead, 13 others were...

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Japanese Leader Echoes Trump on North Korea: 'All Options are On the Table'
Monday, 6 November 2017 20:35 WIB

Japan™s prime minister, standing alongside the U.S. president, borrowed a Donald Trump phrase on Monday, agreeing that œall options are on the table when it comes to responding to North...

The Taliban Take Headquarters in Northern Afghanistan
Wednesday, 29 July 2015 02:45 WIB

Taliban militants took control of a regional headquarters in northern Afghanistan, officials said. They controlled the area Kohistanat in the province Sar-e-pul after a fierce battle...

Karya Rembrandt ditemukan setelah 15 tahun
Monday, 24 March 2014 14:29 WIB

Lukisan karya pelukis tenar Belanda Rembrandt yang dibuat pada abad ke-17 berhasil ditemukan di Prancis setelah dicuri 15 tahun lalu. Karya berjudul L'enfant a la bulle de savon (atau Anak dengan...

Heat wave victims in Pakistan achieved 800 people
Thursday, 25 June 2015 03:14 WIB

The death toll from the heat wave in Sindh Province, Pakistan, continue to fall and until Wednesday (24/06) the number reached 800 people. According to BBC Urdu, the death toll in Karachi...